Building Fund

You can make the difference!

Every donation no matter how small will help to change the lives of our students, now and for years to come. At St. Thomas, we understand that these early childhood years are critical to our students ongoing academic success. Empower us to make your experience at St. Thomas the best that it can be.

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This is a remarkable time in the life of our church congregation and school community. We have an opportunity to make a significant difference in the lives of people for Jesus Christ. We can do this by building and creating a place where our students can grow in God’s love and our church can grow in their faith and reach out to make a positive difference in our world. Not one of us, not church or school alone can make this vision a reality. But together ALL of us can be the church and school that God is calling us to be. This is truly an opportunity to honor God and bless others.

A facility for Christian outreach, recreation and education…

St. Thomas is blessed to have the critical need for expanded facilities that will allow for the growth of an active and dynamic congregation and school. To more fully serve God’s purpose, we can create a new multi-purpose building with a hall/gym combination that will allow for:

  • Gym/ indoor soccer and recreation space for use by school, church, and expanded Community Outreach.
  • A resolution to conflicts of school lunch, P.E. and special programs.
  • A permanent location for the church’s Contemporary Worship Service and special school events.
  • A stage for school programs.
  • New upgraded classrooms and meeting places for church youth, instead of outdated temporary buildings.
  • A new updated technology classroom and science lab.
  • An outdoor environmental learning classroom.
  • Restrooms with showers for youth events, conferences and outreach gatherings.
  • A new kitchen to help with school functions such as Spaghetti Dinner and GALA.
  • More space to conduct staff, parent, church and other adult meetings and study programs.
  • A resolution to scheduling conflicts for the Parish Hall and Church Library.